FIRE - level A-Z: too tough?
Sunday, 02 September 2007

The level A-Z is available for download...

In principle it could not be done Foot in mouth

but we can rely on your perseverance! Cool


Bravo already :

• to Pierre H. (Who asks for more!) Surprised

Here is as a proof his solution to the screen 27 — the last one

(with the technique or the transfer to a sheet of paper, in order to find out the walls Embarassed):

/ 1C^>^<v 1-1>v<v< 1-2v>v<v 1-3<^<^< \ 2Bv>v>v 2-1>v>^> 2-2^<^>^ 2-3<v>^> 2-4v / 3C>v>v> 3-1^>^<^ 3-2>^<v> 3-3^>v \ 4B>^<v> 4-1^>v>*^ 4-2< / 5C^<^<v 5-1<v>v< 5-2v<^<^ 5-3>^>v \ 6Bv>v<v 6-1<v>v< 6-2v<^<^ 6-3>^>*.


• to all the anonymous champions. Laughing

(Players of both genders that voted for: Yes.)

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