FIRE - game presentation

FIRE is a real time 3D puzzle game.


Game goal :

Avoid the pitfalls on the 'checkerboard' to blow all the flames out.

- You control a ball and a crate in turn and in 3D

- The ball is your extinguisher

- The crate blocks your ball like a wall

- Moves can stop only with an obstacle

- Your time is unlimited

- Thinking is often useful


Controls :

- The arrow keys move the ball or the crate.

- The space bar (or Enter) switches between the controllable tools (the ball or the crate).

- The digits 1 to 7 allow to choose the camera.

- The F2 key permits to start the level again.


Configuration - minimal requirements :

PC with a 300 MHz processor and

Windows 9x / Me / NT / 2000 or XP
64 MB of RAM
OpenGL® 1.2 or higher
3D graphics card and OpenGL® compatible

FIRE is a modern remake of the game OLAF published as a listing in 1992 in a late Amstrad magazine (A100%) :

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 12 June 2008 )