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Impressive game, very entertaining and challenging.

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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Just a few words before the levels update for FIRE v1.1 v1.2... Smile

Most players are waiting for the 'new' levels of the game FIRE... Money mouth

> It's imminent (we are doing the maximum) ! Cool



Why now, without  the alternate version 1.2 ? Undecided

  •  It seems that the modified version 1.2 of FIRE was like swallowed by the 1.3

    (The sole multimedia improvement may not have been worth asking you 

    to start all the levels from scratch...)

  • The development of the v1.3 (even of the 1.2.5) is greatly time-consuming

    We must count everywhere in terms of thousands of files, 

    which correspond to summed archives weights, and file managements,

    that are quite incompatible with the initial idea of a 'little modified game'...

  • The programs used to modify the game are either experimental, 

    or quite complicated to bring into play in a discreet and stable way.



You may play all the levels of the version 1.2 very soon;

Their number is already shown on the homepage.

They are ready since January 2007... Still a bit more of patience, 

we really do not forget you, and nothing gets lost! Innocent



The levels of the version 1.3 will be published later

namely just on the same date of the FIRE v1.3 release,

which is improved in textures and musics notably, or

when a similar and ready version comes from Stéphane. 

Only the levels of the 1.3 are unpublished to date. Sealed



Unless we release only the French version, 

I'm afraid we have to wait a little more for it.

This will only be annoying for the less  practised players.. 

We'll do our best to provide you with the names of the authors;

It's the minimum right of association that is practised at the 'Anonymous volunteers'... Wink



I shall ask Steph to put the levels online.

FIRE. Smile



To the people that would grow impatient, the ~1500 levels are coming!

I have just added a nice information page, but this takes time...

Nobody will be disappointed, from contributors to players!



+ Added: information page compatibility with most of the free Windows browsers (if their rendering engine is Gecko or Trident, that's perfect (Firefox, MSIE etc.); If it's Presto (Opera) there will be some bugs). It's explained in the installation file.

+ Added: little 'introduction' demo designed for this update, and made with O.S.D.M. (OldSkool DemoMaker, for the old computers nostalgists). I'm waiting for Steph's agreement, though (since it's compressd with UPX even UPack, and the bad antivirii don't know about them). Pierre Hennes could check this animation with success; So we'll add it.

+ Added: various small touch-ups to the Html page (it's divided into three sections, and allows to browse offline into the lists of levels (and their solutions), without any script nor image, since it's still not about the big final documentation for the game FIRE).

+ Added: the original musics as extended play, so that they can help you more than they'd bother you! The rightful owners are being contacted early this year 2008, even though most of them seem to have already vanished from Internet.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 06 February 2008 )
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