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Impressive game, very entertaining and challenging.

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Wednesday, 08 November 2006
Here you will find some news about the future updates of the game FIRE.





Would you like to be involved in the development of FIRE ?

 Stéphane Mitermite may not have the time to keep on developping deeply his game FIRE.

So we rely on you all, players and creative persons, to develop FIRE to your liking.

The way to proceed will be detailed here as soon as possible — or contact us before !

See you on the forum,that will be open for the inauguration of the enriched 1.2 version.

All what you will be asked is a bit of time to spend on FIRE, 

according to your availability. Thank you in advance!

Stéphane Mitermite keeps the copyrights of the game FIRE.




  Coming next, after FIRE v1.2...



565 screens + Help

Minor update.

What's new ?

• sorting by difficulties

• a tutorial

  • to be read from your browser
  • or to play like a video (macros; optional speech synthesis)

• solutions

  • to be read from your browser
  • or to play like a video (macros; optional speech synthesis)
  • for most of the toughest screens, and all the tutorials

• three kinds of screens : 

  • training-tutorial (today divided into sections)
  • boards posted by the users during the last years (thanks to them!)
  • original levels as they appeared in the game OLAF (FIRE is its remake)

Progress status

Levels complete, namely are ready :

565 screens

+ 421 copies

+ 400 mirrors.

Though this may require a bigger update!

(Cf below.)


I got a strange letter on Dec. 31th 2006,
from a certain Mr Santa, Nerth Pole:

« Could not freeze Mr Chronos...
Too warm here, cos too many FIREs?
You can postpone a little bit
the release date of your game,
being myself busy burning the letters
of all those great polluters;
my vehicle caught a hay fever #@%&!
Atishoo! »
Oh, no!
My wish is not fulfilled yet...?  Wink
Never you mind!

There is already a kind of ecological theme to come (the overall 60 possible backgrounds remain in the 3D-rendered style, unlike the FIRE 2007 preview, which uses photographs),

+ a special level (it reuses 821 screens sorted by number of flames),

+ over 100 MB of musics (much more than one hour of playing time in high quality),
+ some speech synthesis (English and French), as MP3 to make the installation simpler,

+ a full list of all the submitted and further solutions (officially or not), along with the doc,

+ more! (Maybe a bonus game from this version...)
Countless hours of volunteer work
are quite worth waiting for the result. 

Thanks go to Ghislain Martin for his regular encouragements,

and to all the ones who show us confidence,

by this patience peculiar to the FIRE gamers! 

And thank you Pierre Hennes too, for all your solutions!

Release date

Indeterminate: at the very best in a few weeks, at worst in months, since the classic 1.2 version is today's top priority! It does not benefit by all the improvements described in the beginning of this page, but it's already a great first step. All the screens are ready since January 2007 [we have scruples about releasing them before the update is complete!], but we need some extra time to add all the solutions to the tutorials after the already available v1.207, for compatibility reasons - Otherwise the help would be less practical, and the game would look more difficult. Besides Stéphane started programming again for Fire on Vista (this will put an end to these versions I'm modifying), not to mention his happy family life that keeps him out of his site. (Don't hesitate to contact the author, or his assistant!)



2000 screens + skins

Important update.

What's new ?

• Even more boards

Addition of 500 extra screens, new to this day.

They sometimes use invisible walls, which is an extra difficulty and could prevent the artificial intelligence (IA) softwares from running - the ones that some cheaters may already have devised...Wink

• Different environments

  • New graphics
  • New musics
  • Modified visual effects
  • Analysis of the completed screens
  • Bonus levels...

Progress status

Going well, still a lot of work.

Release date

Probably not before mid 2008 (this version is in progress for a long time).



New code

Major update.

What's new ?

• Back to the source code

  • New features (the list of ideas is ready, though your suggestions are always welcome)
  • Visual et sound improvement
  • Increased creativeness of the puzzles

Programmer(s) wanted (volunteer for the time being, thanks !) Kiss

Progress status

Except for the ideas, already found, everything remains to do...

It's very likely that the idea of a (semi-)shareware version will boost the development of this version. 

Release date

Probably not before 2009, but who knows? (I'd just need to fiddle around Steph's source code Tongue out, next to ask him to fix everything... Laughing)
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 06 February 2008 )
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